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Career & Entrepreneurship for Black Military, Veterans and Spouses

The Black Alliance of Colleges and Employers (BACE) is pleased to announce the V-SUITE, gender-based career and entrepreneurship outcomes for Black military, veterans, and spouses with
YWCA Metropolitan Chicago and Veterans Advocacy Group.

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The Black Alliance of Colleges and Employers (BACE) is a non-profit organization to level economic access and opportunity for Black talent in workspace and higher education. In 2023, BACE announces the expansion of our alliance with The BACE V-SUITE, gender-based career and entrepreneurship for Black Military, Veterans, & Spouses with the
YWCA Metropolitan Chicago and the Veterans Advocacy Group.

BACE Black Veterans & Spouses Career and Entrepreneurship Center fiscally sponsored by the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

YWCA Metro Chicago

This nonprofit fiscal sponsorship between Black Alliance of Colleges and Employers (BACE) and YWCA Metropolitan Chicago aligns the pillars of Campus, Career and Research to level economic access and opportunity for Black talent in workspace and higher education with a focus on serving Black Veterans and Military Families. This aligns with YWCA’s mission to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

The Alliance is grateful for all of the generous donations from corporations, foundations and individuals that help sustain our mission of an inter-disciplinary forum advancing racial equity through leadership advocacy, organizational transformation, professional growth, education and data transparency and reporting. The Black Alliance of Colleges and Employers (BACE) is fully funded by these donations and without them, we could not serve our community alliance.

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The PhD Project

Diversity isn’t a box to be checked on a business plan. It’s a requirement for an effective, competitive 21st century workforce. When the people at the front of the classroom look like the people sitting at the desk, when everyone knows that their unique abilities are recognized and valued, when everyone has an opportunity to succeed, our campuses are stronger, our companies are stronger, we are all stronger.

Creating a more diverse workforce demands the same spirit of innovation, entrepreneurialism and leadership that built our great companies. It’s why at The PhD Project, we’re building diversity by targeting the place where great leaders are created: America’s business schools. Through our work, these schools today have a more diverse faculty of inspired PhDs who serve as mentors and role models for a new generation of Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic American, and Native American business leaders.

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(Career Readiness)

BACE V-Suite is collaborating with FourBlock as they launch a new collaborative career readiness cohort in Chicago (2/22-5/2).

FourBlock is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting returning service members in their transition from military service to meaningful civilian careers. After more than 10 years, their flagship Career Readiness Program is taught by corporate executives in major cities across the U.S. and now serves more than 600 transitioning veterans annually.

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VBOC (Entrepreneurship)

BACE V-Suite is collaborating with Sister-to-Sister Veterans at ALRI and WWBIC VBOC for a collaborative entrepreneurship Boots to Business Reboot on May 4, 2024.

WWBIC is honored to be one of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Veteran Business Outreach Centers (VBOC) providing business development services in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota to men and women who are:
*Active duty service members, including Guard and Reserve
*Family members of the above

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